Dev Update Jan 2019

We’re excited to share with you a few sneaky peeks from our new virtual reality game.

We’ve made the game’s environment as photorealistic as possible, with all textures being available at stunning 4K resolution. For those who use PC’s that might struggle with such a level of detail, fear not!

There will be the ability to choose a lower resolution for gameplay in the display options, found in the settings menu – along with a range of other options so you can enjoy what we’ve been cooking.

Despite this release being developed by a such a small team, things are moving fast on the development front. We’ll make sure that Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users all get a fair chance to experience this new survival horror title.

Stay tuned, follow us on Twitter and watch out for our occasional posts.

Voodoo People VR Game Virtual Reality
Voodoo People VR Game Virtual Reality

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